Photo Shoots and Films

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Our location is perfect for photos of all types, especially bridal photography. With a 360~ view from the highest elevation, and not a power line in sight, it makes for almost unlimited possibilities. Our private setting is different from a park, avoiding crowds and unexpected visitors. With our rose gardens in bloom most of the summer, and our daisy beds in bloom from spring to July, and our lavender fields with two bloom times, the choices for lovely settings may seem overwhelming.

Please note that like all other vendors, photographers must be pre-approved. Please see our form to fill out here:

Basic wedding photo shoot prices: up to 2 hours, $300

Films at Villa Vista Montagna

The property has several key benefits for film locations:

  • Entrance is not visible from the roadway, with secured gate and entry to the property
  • Completely private and secluded, with a perimeter suitable for a secured or “locked down” set location
  • 360~ views of mountains and fields, most with NO POWER LINES in sight
  • Plenty of space for parking in a totally secure area
  • Road access to virtually the entire property, suitable for trucks and heavy vehicles
  • No restrictions on water use (private lakes supply all irrigation)
  • Flexible power access throughout the property
  • Pre-constructed levelled pads for tent and other temporary structure use

A variety of vignettes and settings are all available on the same property, including;

  • European-style rose and perennial gardens
  • Asian meditation gardens with a variety of hardscaping (rocks) and statuary
  • A naturally-maintained cedar forest with closed views devoid of any structures
  • 3 water structures, including a waterfall and small lakes
  • Museum-quality sculptures in a landscaped setting
  • A modern Tuscan-style villa (exterior only) constructed in the classic style, fully landscaped and furnished with statuary and lawns
  • Hay fields with hill and parallel accessible roadways
  • Lavender field with two varieties to allow for longer bloom periods

…and even more to discover on site.

We are eager to offer private tours to qualified film company representatives. Please call Katrin to arrange a convenient time, at 604-916-8095, or email