Building The Gardens

Building The Gardens

Our gardens and parkland started out as a landscaping project around the villa only, but have expanded every year ever since. My husband, Garth, has always loved gardening and garden design. It is his passion. He has conceived, built and planted our gardens, from our first small backyard in the city to the acres and acres at the Villa Vista Montagna.

The first garden.

Some of our gardens follow European influences, others Asian themes. The Bali garden, for instance, incorporates large, hand-hewn stone carvings from our travels to Indonesia. Each is carved from a single river rock boulder.

During the Covid-19 shutdowns, Garth created a large waterfall garden, fed by one of the small lakes. It inspires peace and serenity. Like the Bali garden, it too is interspersed with beautiful stone carvings.

Building the waterfall garden, fall 2020.
Testing waterflow in the waterfall.

The rose gardens and the lavender field invite pure enjoyment of sight and smell. In the summer, the bees hum around the lavender plants.

A magnolia garden include many specimen trees from Reimer’s Nurseries Ltd. The unique blossoms unfold daily like Christmas presents in the spring.

  • Janet Araki

    Oh my gosh how stunningly beautiful! Are you open for people simply come and walk and zen out?

    1. villavistamont

      Hi Janet, unfortunately, no. The gardens are a private home, so it’s not really possible. However, there are a number of events booked here in future, including fundraisers and so on, so it’s likely that you will have a future opportunity. If you are with an event or media company, please reach out to us again privately. Thank you!

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